About Us


Founded in 2001 by Frances Koo, creative and food-obsessed chef, pastry chef and mother of two. We have cooked, baked and shared all of our years of creations with you. 




We launched into high-speed production with the priority of serving quality airline breads, desserts and meals. Years of experience in the industry has allowed us to learn, innovate and grow together. For this, we are thankful to have our talented and knowledgeable team by our side. 



After years of equipping ourselves to serve everybody travelling the world through perfection in flavour, food hygiene and variety; we decided to open ourselves to the world, right here in the heart of Sandton. Our store has now been open to our community for 12 years! 



Is so bright...we assure you! As we continue in the industry we love, we maintain what Deli One embodies always: fresh, sustainable foods with flavours to bring everybody closer to our family, doing what we love. The future will be so delicious, you cannot even imagine what we have prepared for you! 

Welcome home, 

Frances Koo